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Who is F. Scott Taylor?
Among the few chosen students of Marshall McLuhan was F. Scott Taylor, now modern-day cultural critic and technological watchdog. Taylor was McLuhan's last graduate student, graduting just before McLuhan's retirement and eventual death in 1980.

Specializing in critical thinking about the social consequences of virtual reality, Taylor now continues his work in the tradition of McLuhan. Thought provoking, timely, complex, and intellectually ahead of their time, Taylor's essays illuminates and clearifies our steam-rolling direction with our new toys.

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The Articles

Electrocratic Art Science

is . art . dead?
no, but . the . traditional . artist . is.

Kiddie VR

the . effects . of . VR . on . children

Virtual Reality Ground Zero

what . would . mcluhan . have . thought . of . virtual . reality?

Post Symbolic Mind Control

speculating . on . Jaron . Lanier's . new . direction . in . VR
...and Lanier's reaction to Taylor's speculation.

VR: Ce n'est pas MTV

taylor's . manifesto

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